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As we continue to roll out our latest SERIES collection and our first 2018 SERIES drop with the “Monochrome”. This release is compromised of two different color ways.

Each GI features a monochrome lapel patch of the PURSUIT Box Logo, heavyweight pearl weave jacket, heavy weight cotton pants, and fully tonal execution.

Last year we've introduced a new gi bag that that has unique features that changes the game. A durable gi bag made out of heavy poly along with a side pocket to fit your personal items. A functional bag that can be used not only for your gi’s but for everyday life. It was a great step to having a better product for the jiu jitsu community. 

Introducing our newest gi bag for our 2018 SERIES COLLECTION. Same heavy duty poly material, side pocket with zipper with an adjustable shoulder strap. A bag that is more functional for your everyday life off the mats. 

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