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After much hype and anticipation, we are proud to re-announce that we are offering our patching service again to the public. For years we’ve been patching GI's for some of the top Jiu Jitsu players in the world and now that same look can be yours. We’ve created a system that allows for fully customized patching with endless possibilities. 


Can we patch our own gis?
NO, only available for our SERIES GI when purchasing 1 before May 24th.

What are patches made of?
Patches are made in vinyls.

How many patches designs?

How many colors?

How many design drafts do I get?

How long does it last?
Forever if you don't use it. But we recommend as a competition gi ONLY, obsessive training will start deteriorating.

Where do we send our logos?
to with your order #

How long does it take?
2 weeks. Note that we have to agree on the design, colorways, then it'll take a week for us to finish the GI(s).

What's the biggest size patching?
13 Inch.

Can we request for company logos or sponsor?
Yes but you must provide the vector file and a letter from the company stating that it is ok for WVSN to use.

Can we add our team logos?
Yes, but you must provide us with the vector file and you have been given an approval to use the logo for us to print.

Can I see some samples?
Scroll down and see some of our samples of top competitors that we've patched up.

I got more question to asks, who can I hit up?

Can we get some WANT VS NEED PATCHES?
Maybe... Guard Puller or Take Down?

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