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Posted by Al Lagura on

After AGENDA we ended up visiting LA Tokyo to see our friend Brandon from BOWLS LA.

Our friend Mike Yun along with his kids came out to eat with us at a hidden spot here at Lil Tokyo. One of the best sushi spot in LA.

Next morning just went along for the ride with the MOSKOVA boyz. Aaron here explaining to Tony of how good Chinese foods are in Australia...

It wouldn't be LA if there wasn't any traffic...

The best Poke in Southern California, Bear Flag.

We picked up our friend Nick The Tooth, If you have no idea who he is, go watch this and probably one of the best human being to be around. 

Went to visit our friend Bear (Shoyoroll) and showing The Tooth how to use snapchat and he pretty much went apeshit. He's going to be one of the great personality on there. I would follow him ASAP.

And then he proceed to give a beating to Tony and I on the mat...


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