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Posted by Al Lagura on

Here's my recap of this year's Worlds...

Thanks to everyone that bought our t-shirt at the Budo Video booth. We've sold out completely and will not be selling them online but make sure to check our other stuff we have available.


Congrats to all the athletes that made it to the podium and represented us on the mat. Thank you for all the support.

Ruben Coronado of ATOS San Diego - Bronze Medal Blue Belt Feather Division.

Huben ATOS

Mason Monsevais of Mendes Bros/ATOS Costa Mesa - Silver Medal Light Feather Blue Belt Division.


Dillon Danis - Marcelo Garcia New York - Gold Medal Medium Brown Belt Division


Gabriel Arges of Gracie Barra / Romulo Barral - No idea what weight but he got gold in his division.


And to everyone else that represented us as well.

IMG_8656.jpg TeflonDom NickEastside Action Jackson Norteno VikingMate

To anyone I've missed, I apologize, IBJJF didn't want to hook me up with a press pass.

by Al

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