This match was probably the highlight of the event IMO. Not because we support Edwin Najmi as part of the WVSN CREW but just as Jiu-Jitsu fans period. Najmi lost in the finals of his weight division against a long time rival Rick Slomba. He was devastated, he was supposed to win that. He has beaten Slomba a few times and knew he had it in the bag but congrats to Slomba, he pulled out a W.

After losing, he signed up right away for the Absolute Division (Open Weight Purple Belt) to try and win a coveted gold medal at the WORLDS. Getting to the finals wasn't easy. He beat a few elite players and heavier opponents finishing most of his fights in under a minute.


The finals of the Open Weight was against the unstoppable King of Purple Belts, Nicholas Meregali. This kid has been winning everything in his weight and open division and this was his match to win. The odds against Edwin were 100-1, knowing Nicholas has already hit a grand slam and this was for the double grand slam.  He knew there was a lot on stake on his end.

But the unthinkable happened. Najmi pulled off his signature flying triangle move within seconds. There were probably around 30 people in the venue since it was the last fight of the night. I stayed around since purple belts are my favorite division to watch. All 30 of us started screaming when he hit that triangle. I couldn't believe it...

And the tap. Team Romulo shook the house while the Alliance side was in shock of what just happened. Edwin became the first Feather Weight to win the Open Weight in the purple belt division. This right here is going down in Jiu-Jitsu history.

EdwinWinning Crowd

By Al


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